The Oslo School of Architecture and Design | Identity and Service Design | Autumn 2020 | By;  Luca Verde and Elida Høvik
During this project, we observed an increased amount of empty premises on the streets of Oslo. No lights, debris, and dilapidated signs - empty premises make a street less inviting. At the same time, many self-employed people in the creative sector also lost their scene, as a result of the pandemic. 
We wanted to make a change in this, which resulted in Merkbar -  A service designed to connect creatives and the owners of empty premises.
Merkbar is temporary and nomadic. It is a provider that utilises the windows in empty premises as mediums for art and culture, in the period from when a premises is emptied until new owners move in. 
A QR-code in each Merkbar window leads you to the webpage, where you can explore other Merkbar spots on a map of the city. Here you can also create your profile, and submit your contributions.

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