ELISAVA | Exchange | Graphic Design | Autumn 2021 |  By; Elena Mansilla, Lorena Peschel, Livia Tilli, Luca Verde
The brief was to re-mean the city. Make proposals that re-signify the city through urban acupuncture inventions that improve the city's social capital by collaborating with an association. The Invisible Job was a collaboration with Anem per Feina. An NGO that defines itself as a bridge between immigrant women, and families who need help in the domestic area.
Our project was born to raise awareness on the topic of empowering the workers and the jobs they do.
The core point was to make the invisible visible and make the workers be seen for what they are: workers but also women. We adopted artistic activism as our methodology, a dynamic practice to foster empathetic connections. We aimed to empower communities on the streets, making the topic visible while educating people through their engagement and interaction.
The project resulted in a performance at Plaça Catalunya to give the workers a voice. 
'Three workers tensing a fabric and being under pressure, it’s society’s responsibility to join. Turn the triangle of the unfair hierarchy into a circle and make the change possible.'
In collaboration with Lorena Peschel, my role was graphic design and art direction.
We are acting between the invisible and the visible. Being bright, transparent, and there to give the workers a voice. Our mission is to decontextualize the perception of domestic service, making an invisible job visible. 

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