Employed at AHO | System Oriented Design | Spring 2021 | By; Luca Verde, Johanna Forss, and Elida Høvik
PostSOD is a magazine that presents sustainable solutions in 2040, through system-oriented design.
PostSOD is the result of connecting six projects during System-Oriented Design—an eight-week, digital teamwork involving 30 students and four teachers. The storyline and content speak from the perspective of 2040, reflecting on the events of 2020. The magazine is owned by the fictional government agency called 'The Sustainability Taskforce.' 
The content is based on samples created in 2020, focusing on interventions in Trøndelag. The goal is to put the reader in the context of a changed future, creating a notion that change has already taken place.
During this project, I worked on publication as well as art direction with Johanna Forss and Elida Høvik.  
As system-oriented design seeks connections, we wanted this to be reflected in the visual identity. Pixels, fragments, and parts of each project are intertwined with the colours green and purple.

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